How to create an account on Red Moon server ?

The account and password is automatically created the first time you login.

Once in the game, please use the /email slash command followed by your email to link your new account to an email address. This will be required in case of lost password. 

I’ve lost my password, how to reset it ?

Contact an admin or a game master via the discord support channel. A new password will be created and send to your email indicated during the account creation described previously.

I’m currently playing on Brotherland, can I use the same game client to play on Red Moon ?

No, DAOC client v1.109 is not compatible. You need to start from a fresh new install for that (and you can put it a dedicated folder).

How to report a server issue or bug ?

Use the official discord channel and go to #server-support to describe your issue. Another better alternative is to post an issue on the DOLSharp github fork:

How to report data world issue (weapon, armors, mobs, loots, …) ?

Use the official discord channel and go to #data-support to describe your issue. Another better alternative is to post an issue on the db-public github fork:

How to reach the community of the Red Moon server ? 

You can use the official discord for that

Why should I use this server ? 

This server is a community server : it’s focused on the Thidranki battleground only (level 20-24).

Whereas many existing freeshards do not share their enhancements or world data customization, Red Moon is open-source and intends to propose server enhancements or world data enhancements raised by its community to the official github projects behind it.

Open-source is the key here to make the community share its experience and improve the gameplay.

Is the game’s database saved ?

Yes, the DB is saved on a daily basis. 

The purpose is to keep your account and characters saved in their latest status, however please consider we can’t guarantee this at 100%.

Are proposal for enhancements possible ?  

We encourage any idea of improvements which can be useful for the gameplay. You can use the official discord for that purpose.

Is there an Instant24 NPC ?

Only an Instant20 NPC is available in the game. Consider leveling from 20 to 24 via the standard ways : xp via pve (dungeons, mobs, …) or via rvr in Thidranki.

To improve this, please note the PVE XP rate is setup to 300% on this server.

Where can I equip my character with good armors / weapons ?

For the moment, we rely only on the current db-public world data (golden source: allakhazam) : the list is limited to the existing loots from dungeons or mobs in the 3 realms.

This part can be improved on a later stage.

I have reached level 24, what should I do ? 

If you would like to continue practicing RVR in the Thidranki battleground, please use the « /xp off » slash command to stop your xp leveling. Else if level 25 is reached, Thidranki will not be accessible anymore to your character.

If you intend to progress among level 24 on this server you can « /xp on », but please consider it as an exploring option as this server is dedicated to characters from level 20 to 24.

I have reported an issue or proposed an enhancement. When will it be done ?

As this server has a community server approach, please consider no timeline can be given for this kind of request.

However, we encourage the community to be part of the whole process : bug reporters, world-data reporters, bug fixers, … All skills are welcome.

Can I claim the Thidranki central keep ?

Yes, you just need to kill first the Lord inside the central keep with a group. Please note this part is setup to the minimum: no siege weapons are proposed today, the central keep doors are opened and no additional guards are added. 

The Lord auto-heal has been disabled and this NPC is now red for player 24 so that with a group of 4 you should be able to kill him and claim the keep.  

Is this server live 24/24 ? 

This server might have some downtimes for maintenance purpose or other reasons. 

Please consider it as mostly live 24/24, however we can’t guarantee it 100% of the time.

Is there any NPC buffbot on the Thidranki battleground ? 

No, it’s not planned at the moment. You will need to rely on buffs from other players in your group. 

Can I teleport to others areas of the game ? 

Yes, you can teleport to your realm’s capital (Camelot, Jordheim, Tir Na Nog) and then go everywhere else in the game.

Looking for dungeons of your level might be a good idea 🙂 This part has not been tested very much, but please note on Albion’s realm, Keltoi Fogou can be a good option at the moment for a few loots and XP leveling.

How to know how many players are online ?

You can use the /online command in game for that purpose